Marketing and sales: the challenges

The challenge of modern marketing is to optimise web visibility to increase sales. This requires the design of a marketing strategy that is suited to the needs of the target groups and the use of current media forms…

Product marketing

Highlighting the assets and specificities of a product to sell it.

Influence marketing

Promoting a brand via well-known web influencers.

Content marketing

Strengthen your brand image through relevant web content.

Managing the product experience should be at the heart of your marketing strategies

An effective marketing strategy includes a personalised product experience. Every presentation and product sheet must generate emotion, create dynamics and attract the curiosity of your target groups and your audience will grow even more.

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Managing the product experience should be at the heart of your marketing strategies

The PIM solution

The PIM (Product Information Management) solution for omnichannel distribution and better data management

Customised publications

The creation of personalised publications to expand your web community and guarantee the good impact of your advertising content

Sales channels

Using the internet and social media

Communication solutions to boost your sales

SEO, web design, content marketing… everything must attract visitors. Your graphic design must include improved visual substance, your content must be relevant and you should be proactive on social networks.

You also need to make your customer interfaces more fluid for a better user experience by making web navigation easier.

The SEO strategy

The SEO strategy

A good natural SEO is key to improve your Google ranking.

Customer reviews

Responsive communication is key to satisfy customers and meet their needs.

The graphic charter

The graphic charter

A quality content strategy and a modern graphic charter.

Social networks

Social networks

Make sure you’re available and proactive to generate traffic and visibility.

Traditional marketing vs content marketing

While traditional marketing focuses on the techniques that help selling more all the time, content marketing is smarter as it uses information to attract, engage, convert and retain customers. It is no less effective, if not better.

Why is point-of-sale advertising still important?

Although online communication has lately been the main marketing trend, point-of-sale advertising remains a good means of increasing visibility and sales. It is particluarly essential for selling off stocks and making your business known.

It is considered a classic merchandising method because it tends to trigger an impulse purchase on the spot.

Street marketing: which activities should be favoured?

Street marketing is recommended thanks to its interactive activities that can get the word out about your company. By being creative in your street marketing techniques, you will have a better chance of attracting participants. Flyers, samples, games, etc. are recommended.

It is similar to participatory marketing because passers-by can all take part in your interactive activities, more details on

Street marketing

SEO marketing

SEO or search engine optimisation is the best way to guarantee good search engine positioning.

Creating content

Creating content

Create different engaging content for each communication medium.

Attracting your audience

Attracting your audience

Attracting sales leads with interesting headlines and the right information

Converting customers

Convert visitors into customers with interesting online offers.

Choose the right marketing tools

Marketing tools refine your SEO strategy. It is important to note that marketing videos and e-mail campaigns are no longer enough. You also need to use Google Adwords, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising and/or Google Analytics, and have responsive websites as well as mobile apps.