How to avoid duplicate Excel files?

Excel is one of the most powerful tools for managing and editing data. However, like all software, it can also display errors. Among the most frequent ones are duplicates. These are cells or ranges that are automatically displayed in duplicate…

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What are the benefits of an email campaign?

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing communicated via email. The types of messages sent include newsletters, catalogues, transactional emails, triggered messages, autoresponders, advertisements and press releases. Each has different characteristics and serves a different purpose. The most popular…

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What are the main principles of content marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that consists of offering reliable and accurate content to target customers. Content helps to promote your company and your services. At the same time, it educates readers and serves you for need creation strategies….

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Why you should rely on Slow Content to improve your SEO

SEO techniques, especially new content strategies, are multiplying by the day. Slow Content is one of them as it improves the quality and relevance of a text or audiovisual content because there is more material to deal with. It is…

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