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How to efficiently classify your product data?

Data classification should make it possible to find any product as it consists of giving it a precise categorization in the form of a reference. Product classification enables the sales department to direct and channel its actions. The card is…

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How to create supplier catalogue that’s editable in real time?

Creating a supplier catalogue that can be modified in real time, defining the important elements for the creation, taking care of the layout and content as well as the number of sheets are all important practices. Customizing the print quality…

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How to pick the most suitable WordPress theme for your platform?

When designing a website on WordPress, the most important step is to choose the right theme. If you’re having trouble deciding which theme to choose, there are several criteria that can help you. Here are some tips to guide you…

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EasyCatalog: an efficient and effective tool

EasyCatalog serves to link the different departments of a company (communication, production, marketing or IT). Thanks to this tool, you no longer need to resort to obsolete documents, whose prices are usually quite different from the catalogue or the commercial…

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