How to efficiently classify your product data?

Data classification should make it possible to find any product as it consists of giving it a precise categorization in the form of a reference. Product classification enables the sales department to direct and channel its actions. The card is therefore the central element of the classification. The card should contain complete information, a detailed description and a solid argument. All records are managed and classified according to established criteria such as similarity, price, etc. This way, you can find a reference among thousands of others in one click. The same applies to internal users to quickly satisfy requests.

How to create a product sheet?

It would be tedious to draw up a ne sheet each time a new item is received. The solution to this problem is to use product data management software which can design, add to the data, maintain and distribute unique and well-founded records. PIM (Product Information Management) is the ideal answer to these problems. It facilitates the management of your product data sheets by taking into account marketing needs (photos, packaging, etc.). PIM software collects all the information from any source, centralises it, manages it and distributes it to the e-commerce channels. Product sheets must contain complete information on the product such as relevant advice, photos and a solid sales pitch with the aim of optimising the flow of the product on the market. 

Essential information for online sales

Putting yourself in the customer's shoes and knowing his/her possible reluctance, preparing a convincing sales pitch and responding to any request and approving the customer's choice are thngs e-tailers must include in their sales preparations. Within a company, this stage requires total mastery of the various characteristics of the products to be offered to customers. For the description, do not omit any specificity of the product and take photos. Do not forget the advantages of the purchase, together with a speech on the brand. Then, state all the conditions of sale precisely. It is also a good idea to give relevant advice to convince the potential buyer. The use of a specific software is undoubtedly a good solution for efficient management and classification of your product sheets, but what are the benefits that come with it?

The benefits of using a product sheet design software

A well-done product sheet can replace the salesperson with a well thought-out sales pitch. A software specific to product sheets design can provide marketing teams and e-tailers with tools that contribute to improving their productivity and competitiveness. The speed of marketing, the automatic affixing of compulsory information and the rapid online distribution all stem from good product sheet management. In summary, it has become undeniable that classifying product data digitally helps in the management of the company.

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