How to optimize your site for a mobile application?

Portability has been a global internet trend and one that is growing bu the year. With the increase in mobile internet use, new ways of using websites such as mobile applications have emerged.

Responsive web design

This design method uses the fluid grid, various CSS style rules and flexible images to provide different experiences for computer, tablet and mobile device users while keeping the same HTML and URL structure. With responsive design, the layout of the mobile website shrinks or expands depending on the size of the screen used for viewing. In other words, responsive design is adjusted so that people viewing the website on a mobile device can see the same content and navigate as easily as those viewing it on a computer.

SEO and responsive design

From an SEO perspective, responsive online platforms are certainly the best choice. One of the main challenges of creating a separate mobile website is the need to set up the site permissions from scratch. Conversely, making your website responsive will help you maintain backlinks, which means you can focus SEO on one website. Also, if you have a responsive website, you can share your link using a unique URL on social networks. For this reason, Google advises SEO-conscious businesses to create a responsive website that works on any device.

Bounce rate and responsive design

Responsive websites help combat high bounce rates. Indeed, even if a website appears in the top search results thanks to good SEO practices, if it does not work effectively for mobile and tablet users, the bounce rate will be a concern. If the content provided by the mobile website is too confusing or too different from that of the desktop version, its bounce rate may also be high. Google interprets this high rate as a sign that the site is not providing users with relevant content, which is likely to result in a drop in ranking. Thankfully for business owners, responsive websites solve this problem by presenting the same content, but in a more convenient way for mobiles.

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