Why you should rely on Slow Content to improve your SEO

SEO techniques, especially new content strategies, are multiplying by the day. Slow Content is one of them as it improves the quality and relevance of a text or audiovisual content because there is more material to deal with. It is defined as content that has taken longer to process because it is bigger, thus improving SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Content with good SEO

Slow Content implies the implementation of a more coordinated and tactical editorial project. Indeed, everything is based on quality of content and not form. Instead of proposing short articles or product sheets of a few hundred words, for example, blog articles of more than a thousand words are preferred. The SEO quality is then drastically improved since the content includes all the assets of an optimised text: main keywords, secondary keywords, netlinking, etc. In comparison, a short text will only contain keywords and metas. It is thus opposed to the minimalist and traditional vision of web content.

Effective and relevant content thanks to Slow Content

Have you ever heard of writing for search engines? Slow Content meets this criterion. It greatly enhances your SEO as more keywords, links or tags can be placed in a long text. The aim is to write texts for humans and for robots at the same time. The effectiveness of the content is twofold; internet users can find the information they are looking for more quickly and search engines will rank your website close to, if not at the top. This type of SEO is also perfect because the essential criteria for referencing are respected. Longer texts are favoured because they are more complete and optimised.

Brand identity and Slow Content

Slow content is part of a website's marketing strategy because it simply enhances its value. It is not only the content that is concerned, but the whole platform is optimised because search engines would then position you on the first page. We can also talk about recycling, i.e. updating content. Ultimately, he aim is to enrich you content. In fact, the longer a text is, the richer it is and the better its SEO, the higher your website’s ranking. This is how your web visibility and thus your traffic are increased.

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