EasyCatalog: an efficient and effective tool

EasyCatalog serves to link the different departments of a company (communication, production, marketing or IT). Thanks to this tool, you no longer need to resort to obsolete documents, whose prices are usually quite different from the catalogue or the commercial services board.

What exactly is EasyCatalog?

EasyCatalog is a powerful computer program used to create product catalogues, directories, brochures or price lists. Based on a source code, this creation software facilitates the automation of catalogues as well as assemblies. If it is a product catalogue athat you’re after, it is recommended to connect it to the PIM/MDM software. This synchronisation will allow you to easily import data into another software and to make changes at the last moment. EasyCatalog is characterised by its ability to inject large amounts of data quickly and accurately. With this plugin, you can easily generate bar charts to show your company's products in concrete terms.

The main features of EasyCatalog

EasyCatalog allows you to place the information collected in the database in a complementary application software while creating bidirectional links between your documents and the sources. The reverse operation is also possible. Note that you can filter, sort and organise the data according to your needs. It is then displayed graphically in a table. All search criteria are saved, so that they can be used at any time or sent to other workstations. Furthermore, simple colour coding makes it easy to see which fields have been updated in the database. This way, you end up with an overview of the differences with your data source.

The importance of the EasyCatalog software

EasyCatalog allows you to edit, manage and update brochures or catalogues in a safer, more efficient and faster way, thus optimising work productivity as well as making the launch of products on the market easier. Thanks to this technology, production times and the risk of human error are reduced. The elimination of complex and inefficient business processes results in immediate savings. Catalogue automation allows for the automatic generation or creation of a wide range of output media, including tablet and smartphone applications, PDF documents and paper books. With one click, the final documents are referenced and updated and printed in multiple formats and languages which allows you to focus exclusively on creating value and communicating with customers.

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