How to create supplier catalogue that’s editable in real time?

Creating a supplier catalogue that can be modified in real time, defining the important elements for the creation, taking care of the layout and content as well as the number of sheets are all important practices. Customizing the print quality by avoiding amateur mistakes is also a good way to succeed. Here is how to do all of the above the right way...

Define the essential elements for the design

Defining the essential constituent elements of the document is the first step to take. Specifying the summary that will attract the readers' attention to read the article is the first content to be done. You should also note that displaying portraits or photos describing the specifics of each product with mentions of the different prices, taxes and special offers is a practice that showcases a good level of commitment. It is sometimes necessary to use logos and different colours to catch the eye of individuals. The layout of the content is also particularly important. Therefore, we recommend you call on a professional like to create you sales catalogue.  

Pay attention to the layout, content and number of pages

The layout should showcase a certain level of professionalism and commitment. Putting together all the elements of a document requires special experience and know-how in the field of marketing and sales. The layout must be done with great care; no accumulation of long and incomprehensible texts as well as clear and well arranged images are necessary. This also applies to the number of pages, which should be logically limited and correspond to the content. The insertion of images is important, a catalogue should be animated by convincing commercial photos. But how can you customise the print quality and avoid amateur mistakes?

Customise the print quality and avoid amateur mistakes

The quality of the paper used must be perfect! In practice, the A4 format is known worldwide for its strength and standard. Since the quality of the paper affects the product to be printed, avoiding printing errors made by amateurs is also a necessary precaution when producing a supplier catalogue as some sellers may mistake the cover for the sheets used to print the images. The bookbinding is also a step to be taken into account and must be ideal because it also plays a communication role. Herewith, to avoid amateur mistakes in the layout of the print cover, calling in a professional is the right thing to do.

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