What types of of goodies to offer to your customers?

A company's main objective is to always boost its image, whether it be with its customers or partners. To make its products or services more and more known, a company has the duty to communicate with consumers as much as possible since its success depends to a large extent on its communication power. In order for its activity to be at its best, it must improve its visibility and take actions that will improve its brand and reputation towards building customer loyalty.

Pick unique goodies

In order to improve your brand image, but also your reputation with customers, you will have to find ways to thank them and make them feel important. For this, many companies take the initiative to offer goodies to their most loyal bases. A small advertising object that will make them happy. When it comes to goodies, to distinguish yourself from your competitors, you should opt for fairly original or personalised objects. To make a difference, look at what companies are used to offering and find offers that might interest your customers. Offering goodies is an important part of an effective marketing and communication strategy.

Choosing what goodies to offer

Since goodies are free, you can extend the reach of your products to all the people involved, not just your customers. You can distribute them at various events such as forums, fairs and exhibitions.  There is a wide range of goodies available from the low budget to the quite revolutionary products. Before buying them, you should consider the impact they can have on different parts of the market.

Base your choice on your main targets

In order to make sure your goodies can impact your clients the way you want them to, you will have to define the exact target. This means identifying the people or entities you want to reach, i.e. determining the exact characteristics of your target such as gender, age group, or socio-professional category. Your goodies must be in keeping with the image you want to convey, so they must be in keeping with your image. Finally, the usefulness of the gift must also be related to your activity as not all objects are necessarily acceptable as goodies.

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